Why Almost Everything You're Told About Facebook Ads Only Stops Your Business from Scaling

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What you'll learn in this training:

  • Why 'Targeting' is not a the main 'culprit' like they want you to believe
  • Why 'refreshing your creative' every few days is a symptom of deeper problem
  • Why 'complex' optimization tactics can't be relied upon long term
  • The 'Feedback Loop' the algorithm relies upon [That causes ads to burn out]
  • The #1 reason why ads 'go off the rails' and don't come back
  • Why 'Cost Per Click' in NOT what you should measure your ads by
  • The 'Contextual Formula' that increases conversions and creates qualified buyers


What others say about 'CODE':


A 90 Day Process to Go from 'Sandbox' to 'Scaling'

  • Become a Master at Marketing your offer so you don't have to rely blindly on what 'gurus' tell you to do
  • Define the right problems and solve them quickly. For its not the 'Big that eats the small' BUT 'The fast that eats the slow'
  • Engineer frequent 'small wins' to make the marketing part of your business become FUN again
  • Automate your efforts so you only spend time on what matters instead of 'perpetual promotions' that never let you recover
  • Develop messaging that immediately makes quantum leaps in conversions and also sustains long term growth
  • Implement time saving 'small hinges' that swing 'big doors' following our proven, tested formulas
  • Define and implement your entire acquisition strategy that works uniquely for YOU
  • Save and recover money from outdated, unethical marketing training that feels like it compromises your integrity
  • Optimize and grow a business that's respected by your peers and known as the 'go to' authority in your niche

Members Inside Our Proprietary "S.P.S. Scaling" System have 90 Days access to:

1.Bi-Monthly Live Group Coaching Calls

2.Access to Online training

3.Personalized 1-on-1 coaching sessions

4.Community interaction.

LIVE Group Coaching

Live Group Coaching call via Zoom where you can bring your business strategy to get reviewed. Members report learning even more about the 'questions they should be asking' from watching Chris coach and consult members live on the call.

Private 1-on-1 Sessions

You will be assigned a coach who is a certified alumni of the CODE program. This coach will work with you 1-on-1 in developing all aspects of your strategy. They are trained in identifying and correcting 'gaps' in strategy and messaging right away. You will communicate with them on a regular basis.

Online Learning Portal

Each member gets access to our entire CODE Methodology implementation modules.

This is the core foundation of CODE methodology and is the product of millions of ad spend in testing and refinement. You'll find actionable modules complete with reference guides, notes, fill in the blank 'flowsheets' and fill in the blank templates. This is everything one needs to master messaging, optimizing and scaling a business.

Exclusive 'CODE Methodology' Facebook Group

Exclusive Access to our private 'CODE Methodology' Facebook Group where other 'CODERS' "Speak your language", share their work and support each other in cracking the 'Code'' of scaling a business

"It took me years to invent a new core philosophy of marketing that fits with Social Media... and it's changing the lives of every business owner it touches"

Chris Rocheleau

CEO, North Node Solutions

Creator, "CODE Methodology"

Most Online Marketing Stems from Traditional 'Direct Response' School of Thought.

A concept so severely outdated its now the 'punch line' rather than the joke.

"Traditional Direct Response" and "Bro Marketing" are dead.

Because after spending tens of millions in Facebook ads over 9 years and currently averaging over $386,000+ per MONTH in Facebook ad spend...

We've proven that our methodology works 2X-5X better than what any client who comes to us had before.

Stop following the 'gurus' who are just regurgitating the same stuff or teaching the latest 'shortcut' that works for a couple days...

...instead implement a system that fixes your systemic struggles, sustains your campaigns and sets you up to safely scale your business.

Once you go through the first lesson "The Social Rules of Engagement" you'll see the glaring difference between the 'old and the new'...

I invite you to apply with us to implement "CODE Methodology" into your business.

Apply With Us Below to go Through Our CODE Methodology Program:

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